• FUNdamentals K9 Conditioning course

    195.00 EUR

    You get:

    • 6 lessons over 2 months and a half with more than 20 different conditioning exercises with detailed step-by-step instructions in text and video
    • Approaches on how to effectively stretch your dog after exercise
    • Unlimited feedback on your video-taped training sessions and questions
  • Dynamics in Control, K9 Conditioning course

    215.00 EUR

    You get:

    • 6 lessons with more than 20 advanced conditioning exercises (everything explained from a scratch, and can be broken down to basic moves - all levels welcome to join) over two months and a half - videos and commenting open for longer!: in pictures, videos and text instructions
    • complete workouts for you to take and incorporate them in your weekly trainings
    • exercises for building up strength, power, balance and overall body condition & coordination
    • special: plyometric exercises for building up powerful explosive moves
    • tips on combining moves into progressive workout routines, which will fit in your sports-training week
    • my unlimited feedback on your home-training videos


Dogs4motion, Jana Gams s.p.

+386 40 186 321

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