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The five S’s of sports training are: stamina, speed, strength, skill, and spirit; but the greatest of these is spirit.

Ken Doherty

As an owner of sporting dogs, dog trainer, and active competitior, I know exactly the specifics of sporting dogs – their needs, their trainings, and also their most frequent consequences of excessive sports stress. With fitness training, the dog can be prepared better, not only to achieve the peak of his performance, but also to make an important step towards injury prevention.

Frequent repetitions of movements, that are hard on the body (landing after jumps/turns in agility, decceleration before taking a turn or at suddend directional changes – often as a result of late handler cues!, running over A-frame, 2on2off contacts; also forced high-head position during heeling; forces on the body at protection work/IPO dogs, etc etc etc), often result in tensed muscles of specific groups, muscle strains, tears or ligament sprains, o reven worse injuries of musculosceletal system, and they also have a major long-term impact – and thus are often the cause of early retirement of dogs from sports or work.

Fortunatelly, the awareness of dog owners for the needs and special attention for their canine athletes is increasing – not only by safer and more quality trainings in specific disciplines, but also in the injury prevention field: regular preventive check-ups at qualified specialists, warm ups before activities and cool down after it, care for their physical and mental well-being, as well as improving their physical fitness with cross training, where fitness training is a foundation for building up the truly good muscular strength, condition, and coordination that helps our canine athlete defying forces, and providing better health also in older age.


Make sure you give your dog a really good physical and psychological readiness – for as long and as healthy participation in common activities as possible!

  • preventive diagnostic check-ups
  • massage and laser/ultrasound therapy
  • on-line canine conditioning contents
  • individual trainings in person and fitness training program designing
  • workshops

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