Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty.

Henry Ford

Jana Gams


Doctor of Veterinary medicine:

  • Completed 6 years of study at Veterinary faculty, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia in the beginning of 2017
  • Practiced with work in small animals at the the veterinary clinic in Ljubljana and in Slovenj Gradec during the course of studies 

Graduate of Continuing education at University of Tennessee & Schloss-Seminar for CCRP (Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner):


  • Canine I (Introduction to canine rehabilitation)
  • Canine II (Physical agents & electrotherapeutic modalities)
  • Canine III (Therapeutic exercise prescription / aquatic therapy)
  • General rehabilitation guidelines for canine osteoarthritis
  • Canine IV (presence days 23. - 28. 10. 2017, Mallorca, Spain)
  • Externship: C.H.R.C, Centre d'Hydrothérapie et de Revalidation Canine, Sart Dames Avelines, Belgium
  • Final exam Graduation in October 2019


  • lecturing about K-laser therapy and its use in veterinary medicine for doctors of veterinary medicine, Celje (december 2019)
  • lecturing at 1. IAVPRT / 6. VEPRA Veterinary conference for Sports medicine and Rehabilitation, Ghent, Belgium (September 2019)
  • canine conditioning workshops (Conditioning the Canine Athlete for Agility / Canicross / Flyball / Obedience)
  • workshops on warm up / cool down topics
  • canine conditioning workshops as a part of agility camps with top-level agility competitors
  • canine conditioning for members of Agility World Championship 2017 and 2018
  • canine conditiong trainings in Fitko – first fitness for dogs in Slovenia in 2016/2017
  • years of experience with dog training (agility and sports obedience) at formerly ŠKD Emona Ljubljana and Koroško KD, now active in PrimaPes


Other education:

  • VOG conference - Veterinary Orthopedics and Neurology Group, (Zreče, December 2019)
  • 1. IAVPRT / 6. VEPRA Veterinary conference for Sports medicine and Rehabilitation, Ghent, Belgium (September 2019)
  • WEBCON 2018 - Virtual Veterinary Rehabilitation Conference, November 2018
  • HYDROCON 2018 - Virtual Conference for Canine Hydrotherapists, September 2018
  • EERVC, Eastern European Regional Veterinary Conference - Zagreb (CRO), September 2018
  • WEBCON2017 - Virtual Veterinary Rehabilitation Conference, November 2017
  • member of Onlinepethealth Academy for continuing education (veterinary rehabilitation topics and webinars)
  • Canine Fitness & Body Awareness workshops with Bobbie Lyons - CCFT, MTI, Cert CF (Belgium, December 15-18th, 2017)
  • dog massage workshops (Debora Severo, May 2017; Breda Kralj, November 2016)
  • It's possible!, Canine conditioning workshop with Robert J. Porter, CCRP (October 2016)
  • Reactive dogs workshop (Igor Gaćeša, April 2016)
  • and many other agility and dog training workshops


Licenced dog trainer of Cynological Association Slovenia, FCI

  • for Agility, FCI Obedience and Rally-O
  • years of dog training experiences


Active competitor in:

  • Agility
  • FCI Obedience
  • Member of European Open Agility (EO) team 2018 with both dogs
  • Member of World Agility Open (WAO) team 2016
  • Member of European Open Agility (EO) team 2016

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