• FUNdamentals K9 Conditioning - spring 2020

    • Do you have a dog and want to learn how to improve his physical abilities?
    • You already wanted to increase strength with various exercises but are not sure on correct motion basics to get it as effective as possible?
    • Do you seek for knowledge on how to properly set warm up and cool down routines, not just in general, but how to set it for YOUR dog depending on the activities he will be involved in?
    • Been struggling with keeping things organized and are wondering on how to finally set up a good workout plan?


    Then this FUNdamentals on-line canine conditioning course is for you!



    Starting: March 31st


    All you have ever wanted to learn to improve performance of your dog in one class: the FUNdamentals on-line


    Understanding your dog's body structure and areas of possible weaknesses can help you to turn his weak points into his strengths!


    6 lessons with more than 20 different conditioning exercises during 12 weeks of well structured content 1-on-1 with Jana Gams, DVM, CCRP, founder of Dogs4motion, focusing on:

  • Warm-up / Cool-down Routine as an Alpha and Omega of every dog sport activity

    Agility specific video to properly warm up and cool down your canine athlete before and after every dog training session and competition


    We will focus on thorough preparation specifically designed for the agility dog:

    • Why it is important,
    • How it helps prevent sports-related injuries and improve performance,
    • Setting up a proper three-dimensional warm-up routine with dynamic exercises,
    • We’ll take a look at a cool-down routine with stretching exercises,
    • And answer frequently asked questions about warm-ups/cool-downs I get when lecturing at workshops and seminars.



    Important! The Warm-up / Cool-down Routine is held at our new online academy platform , so please read more and register through the Dogs4motion Academy platform here: READ MORE

  • Dynamics in Control, K9 Conditioning course

    This class is currently under makeover, so stay tuned for new improvements and further possibilities!


    You get:

    • 6 lessons with more than 20 advanced conditioning exercises (everything explained from a scratch, and can be broken down to basic moves - all levels welcome to join) over two months and a half - videos and commenting open for longer!: in pictures, videos and text instructions
    • complete workouts for you to take and incorporate them in your weekly trainings
    • exercises for building up strength, power, balance and overall body condition & coordination
    • special: plyometric exercises for building up powerful explosive moves
    • tips on combining moves into progressive workout routines, which will fit in your sports-training week
    • my unlimited feedback on your home-training videos

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